Security Solutions

Integrated Security Solutions

We live in a world where networks are rushing towards further expansion as a result of ICTs. A world that connects, or can connect, everyone and everything. Currently, around two billion people are online, and this number is expected to rise significantly due to the role of the Internet of Things in enhancing connectivity between people, devices and tools. In practice, Cisco expects to use 50 billion connected devices around the world by 2020.

To help maintain the security and continuity of information and data, our company has relied on extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity. Our security specialists have extensive experience helping government and corporate clients protect their network infrastructures. But we don't stop at implementation; we innovate and create new security capabilities to combat future security threats every day. Therefore, our corner is keen to provide a range of electronic security services.

Electronic security analysis

Our team of cyber security specialists help you identify and manage risks and vulnerabilities in your environments and systems to mitigate risks, protect data, ensure regulatory compliance and achieve enhanced security measures.

Our team of highly skilled experts conducts penetration testing, audits and reviews of your applications, infrastructure, data, and systems to identify vulnerabilities and risks.

These helps balance the value of your assets in ways that are economically viable. We determine the severity of your vulnerabilities, provide cost-effective recommendations that mitigate these threats, and allow you to benefit from our experience in applying these recommendations and countermeasures as well as providing and implementing integrated security solutions in information security and cyber risk management.

Active defense

The Business and Counterintelligence Network known as "Limited Infiltrations" is at the heart of our cyber network defense and protection systems. These operations represent the pinnacle of security research, technology, people's awareness and situational awareness.

Drawing on information provided by Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTS), leading research and academic institutions, and cyber emergency centers around the world, we assess trends and developments in cybercrime to help us understand threat vectors, attack scenarios, and geographic locations of attacks. We also analyze the tactics of attacks and the cybercriminals behind them, using this information to devise corrective responses in the short term as we build the long-term resilience of networks for our customers.