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11+ Years

Who we are ?

Since 2013, Al Muraba has been in the field of digital transformation solutions and enterprise-oriented cybersecurity solutions. It competed and competed and took an advanced position among the few Iraqi companies specialized in this field.

Since its establishment, Al-Muraba Company has provided its customers with international capabilities and expertise according to the latest and highest standards with local capabilities and expertise, starting from the stage of contracting with the customer to the stage of implementation, services, continuous technical support, and our motto has always been commitment to high quality and customer satisfaction mainly.

Our company is one of the representatives of the new generation of what has become known as the knowledge economy, which focuses on making the most of information and communication technologies and employing them in reducing operational costs and developing business effectively through the use of the best solid software solutions.

About Us

Our Message

In Al Muraba we love our work and it is the basis of our creativity to help our clients succeed. We try to bridge this gap with the right solutions and develop the business using the latest information and communication technologies.


A modern company that uses modern technology and provides information technology solutions at a reasonable cost, taking into account high reliability and harnessing all capabilities and competencies to find solutions according to a global standard and using the latest available technologies to provide an advanced level of quality.


Excellence in our services is our company's goal that we aim to achieve by building good long-term relationships with our customers and providing them with the best technical solutions that meet their needs using the latest technologies.


Resources: Allocate resources more effectively avoiding waste to achieve optimal returns.

Customer Focus: Exceed customer expectations by providing the most suitable products for their needs and the best levels of service.

Respect and Fairness: Dealing with customers, partners, employees and authorities with the highest levels of integrity, respect and responsibility.

Quality: Maintain the highest quality throughout the business and with all partners.

Community: Work with social responsibility.

why almuraba

Al Murabba is one of the representatives of the new generation of what has become known as the knowledge economy, which focuses on making the most of information and communication technologies in reducing capital costs and developing businesses.

Security first

In all our services, we make security a priority, as our customer information is precious and we maintain it with the highest level of protection by developing programs and systems that prevent penetration and information leakage and always maintain a backup copy of the data, and all this is managed by a specialized and experienced staff in this field.

Our customers' choices over the past years have always been based on reliability mainly, from e-learning applications to providing hosting services solutions to web-based enterprise management applications to providing collaboration and business delivery services at the level of government institutions and

The company is the appropriate service for the customer and in all the sectors mentioned and the customer's satisfaction with the level of service is the first goal for the company

On the other hand, the partnerships obtained by Al-Muraba Company with major international companies specialized in the field of information security, networks, Internet services, clouds, and the fields of e-governance applications and e-learning to provide solutions for these companies in Iraqi hands and at the level of global technical support Certified by those companies as well as competitive in prices.

Al-Muraba Company seeks to bring about development in the national market. To achieve this, we provide our employees with a good practice environment that allows them to be creative and intellectually innovative, and committed to achieving the company's goals in their career path.

How Do We Works

Al Muraba tracks your business down to the smallest details and turns it into digital journeys that meet the needs of the modern era, making work easier and saving time and financial resources.

What we do ?

ALMURABA Specialized in offering consultation and execution services for business solutions and digital transformation. Our dedicated team delivers exceptional value and drives transformative outcomes for our clients.

  • Plan for business continuity
  • Re-engineer work process to be adhere with digital transformation.
  • Secure and protect end to end IT environment.
  • Provide full support chain for whole chain of workflows.
  • Increase productivity through increased accessibility.
  • Enhance team knowledge through training and support.
  • Infrastructure Management.
  • Keep your systems up and running.
  • Provide visibility into overall performance.

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