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Design, implement and manage of digital transformation solutions for organizations of all sizes and all aspects related to programming, data center management, data protection and other digital transformation requirements.

11+ Years

Who we are ?

Since 2013, Al Muraba has been in the field of digital transformation solutions and enterprise-oriented cybersecurity solutions. It competed and competed and took an advanced position among the few Iraqi companies specialized in this field.

Since its establishment, Al-Muraba Company has provided its customers with international capabilities and expertise according to the latest and highest standards with local capabilities and expertise, starting from the stage of contracting with the customer to the stage of implementation, services, continuous technical support, and our motto has always been commitment to high quality and customer satisfaction mainly.

Our company is one of the representatives of the new generation of what has become known as the knowledge economy, which focuses on making the most of information and communication technologies and employing them in reducing operational costs and developing business effectively through the use of the best solid software solutions.

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Your Idea

Concept and ideas discussion


Estimation and in-depth research


Implementation of the product’s functionality

Product Launch

The final touch and successful deployment


After-launch assistance & regular updates

What we do ?

ALMURABA Specialized in offering consultation and execution services for business solutions and digital transformation. Our dedicated team delivers exceptional value and drives transformative outcomes for our clients.

  • Plan for business continuity
  • Re-engineer work process to be adhere with digital transformation.
  • Secure and protect end to end IT environment.
  • Provide full support chain for whole chain of workflows.
  • Increase productivity through increased accessibility.
  • Enhance team knowledge through training and support.
  • Infrastructure Management.
  • Keep your systems up and running.
  • Provide visibility into overall performance.

Our Customers

We not only see ourselves as a company that is satisfied with its achievements, but that we are a company that strives to achieve more. We can help you achieve the same in your industry.

We dedicated to establishing a long-term relationship with our clients. Each member of our team of Al Muraba Company looks at the client's needs and expectations and considers them a top priority, and provides them with comfort and ease of guidance as our team members work to dedicate their efforts to achieve outstanding professional success and maintain it with each project.

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